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Choosing the best dog food, 6 tips.

Dog food is usually ranked by stars. 1 star being the worse, 6 stars being the best. When you are trying to decide on what dog food to feed your dog, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

Get dog food delivery

Some people make there own dog food. If you read this free dog food secrets report you will see why. Also here is a petsumer report. Comparing 1400 different dog foods, and treats.

Dog food is usually rated 1 to 6 stars.  6 being the best, 1 the worse.

1.    Choose a dog food that has meat as the first ingredient. This is usually labeled super premium or holistic dog food.  This 6 star food is nutrient rich and has human grade ingredients. This means that the dog food is made up of food that is fit for human consumption. Most dog food is not.  These 6 star dog food types will include protein, vitamins, minerals and fatty acids.  They are also made without the toxins and additives that may be harmful to your dog’s health.  They may be a little more expensive, but it is well worth it.
Here are a few of the 6 star dog foods and where to buy them.  This dog food company delivers dog food to your door and they also have a quarterly drawing to see who wins dog food for a year.  Easy free sign up. Click on dog food delivery and sign up on the top right hand side.
·         Artemis Maximal Dog
·         Blue Wilderness
·         Go Natural Grain Free Endurance
·         Horizon Legacy Adult Canine
·         Horizon Legacy Puppy
·         Innova Evo
·         Instinct Chicken Meal Formula
·       Instinct Duck Meal and Turkey Formula

2.The second ingredient should be vegetable and rice.  If they use the words “by product”  then you don’t want that either.
3. According to some dog nutrition experts certain preservatives such as Butylated hydorxyanisole and butylated hydroxytoluene or better known as BHA and BHT may be carcinogenic.  On the other hand Vitamin C and E are natural preservatives and healthier for your dog.

4.The label should have AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials) guarantee on it.  The AAFCO work to make uniform standards for dog food nationwide.

5. Check the expiration date.  Sometimes it is hard to find, keep looking.

6. If you want to be totally safe, you can always make your own dogfood.  Here is an easy to read, ebook on how to make healthy dog food for your best friend.