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Dog Breeds, why do we love them?

Each dog has its own unique characteristics, temperament and look. Most dog breeds have evolved over many years. Some of them almost going extinct in the process. I realize that extinction of a dog is hard to believe with the many dog breeds we see each day.  Here is a list of the top searched dogs in the USA. This dog breed list is ever growing. Check out some of these doggie favorites. Is your breed listed? Everything from drooling dogs, to non shedders, to herding dogs, we have them listed.

Alaskan Malamute A beautiful but misunderstood breed.
American Bulldog A brave and loyal breed, gentle as it is tough.
Australian Shepherd One of the best "herding" dogs in the world
Basset Hound Good natured, sociable dog that is incredibly gentle with children.
Chihuahuas An amazing amount of charm packed into this tiny package
Corgi A stubby legged guy who loves to swim.
Dachshund fearless, courageous, and having a tough personality
English Bulldog A silly dog full of love and slobber.
Greyhound A long, lean, sculpted dog, built for speed.
Havanese Native of Cuba, and sturdier than other small breeds.
Italian Greyhound A quiet dog, that possesses grace & beauty.
Jack Russell Terrier The equivalent of Pee Wee Herman on Red Bull.
Labrador Retriever The most popular dog breed in the USA.
Maltese A glamour dog, dating back 3,000 years.
Pomeranian Has a large attitude and is very independent & strong willed. A long coat that needs daily brusing.
Poodle The only breed that comes in three sizes.
Portuguese Water Dog Used to guard fishing boats while parked.
Pug From the Latin word "pugnus" which means fist.
Rottweilers Extremely loyal to their family and need no training in protecting their “pack”
Shih-Tzu The literal translation means; Lion Dog.
Silky Terrier A mixture of Australian and Yorkshire Terrier.