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My Dog, Your Dog, Why a Dog?

If you have never owned a dog before, the experience can change your life.
Dogs give and receive unconditional love.  They are non-judgmental.  They don’t care whether you are rich, poor, fat, skinny, ugly beautiful or how popular you are.  They revolve there life around you. 

That is why in 850 BC Homer immortalized the dog as mans most faithful companion, in the Odyssey.

Dogs don't grow up and move out.  They wake you each morning and lie nearby at night.  They offer a sense of security and warmth.  If you have a dog you will have a companion, a playmate, a guardian and a friend. You can be yourself, knowing that this dog adores you, with all of your flaws, thinking you are the best in the whole world.

For all this, they ask very little in return.  Dogs do require physical care, grooming, veterinarian visits, a good diet and shelter.  They also need your love, attention and understanding.  We have developed a Bull Mastiff size site of FREE dog information. We have gathered topics from dog food, to pet insurance, basic dog training tips, health problems to the ability to ask a vet question. 

With a dogs unquestioning devotion comes obligation.  Caring for a dog is a commitment.  Dogs allow us to practice the skills of caring for another living being.  The emotions of a puppy owner and new parents are not so different.  There is concern, confusion, frustration, all wrapped in a mountain of love.  Like an infant, animals are innocent and trusting. 

We owe it to them to handle behavior problems with positive training and common sense.  We offer a free online course.  Information on individual dog breeds, buying a dog, adoption, what to do if your dog is missing, traveling with your pooch.   Along with recommended products, books, magazines, trivia and anything and everything that can make you and your pup a happy bunch.

Keep those tails waggin!
Betty Bulldog